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FYS advocates in many ways. Some examples include, legislative advocacy, executive branch advocacy, speaking with the governor, speaking with stakeholders, speaking with the secretary, helping the Department of Children and Families with rule making and trainings, educating, Community Based Care (CBC) agencies, and other subcontracted programs; media advocacy; educating the general public on the needs of children growing up in state care and so much more! 

FYS holds both local and statewide activities. These activities are all run by the youth and organized by chapters or the Statewide Director. These activities include trainings, quarterly meetings, leadership development, chapter meetings, local advocacy, statewide advocacy, meetings with legislators and elected officials, community education, and many other events! 


FYS discusses their local issues and shares their stories and experiences in their chapters and then brings it to the statewide level. They then vote as an organization on the issues they want to focus on each year. Activities are planed around these issues to better the system by sharing their story. 

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