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The COVID-19 Pandemic has had an impact on everyone in the world. It has changed the way we operate as individuals and as a team. Florida Youth SHINE is committed to supporting our youth during this tough time by providing resources, supportive programs, and more that speak to our youth.

Tips for Professionals Splash Left.png
COVID-19 Tips for Professionals offers adult professionals, volunteers and frontline staff who work with young people information to share with the youth they serve.
(Added 3.26.20)
Tax Tips Splash Left.png
The Income Tax Tip Sheet is intended to give youth who have been in out-of-home care some items to consider when filing your taxes. (Added 4.16.20)
Freaked About Finances addresses the most pressing issue – what to do when facing the loss of income. (Added 3.26.20)
Freaked About Finances Splash Right.png
Reemployment Assistance Left.png
Reemployment Assistance  provides critical information about unemployment benefits. (Updated 4.16.20)
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