Youth Voices Amplified - A Digital Story Experience


Florida’s Children First (FCF) and Florida Youth SHINE (FYS) are excited to share our latest advocacy project with you. These digital stories were created, edited, and produced completely by Florida Youth SHINE members virtually. They are their truths told by them and made to amplify their voices to share their experience. 

Newly Released Videos

Maria Batista

Brian Thompson

Rebekka Behr

Byron Adams

LaSean Adams

Colesha Cormier

Paris Adams

Our Voice, Our Stories - A Digital Storytelling Project 

Florida’s Children First (FCF) and Florida Youth SHINE (FYS) are excited to share our latest advocacy project with you, Our Voice, Our Stories, is a collection of digital storytelling videos by Florida Youth SHINE. In an effort to reach more people and expand the youth voice, Florida Youth SHINE decided to create a series of Digital Stories. These digital stories are created to give an opportunity for youth to share their story in a creative way and inform people about their experience. 


The ten youth from around the state of Florida came together for a 4-day workshop where staff from The Center for Digital Storytelling facilitated the storytelling experience. The youth told their own stories, and learned for the first time how to create and edit their own videos. This was an opportunity to give them a chance to share their stories, learn new skills, and let their truths be heard. They all learned something about themselves in the telling as well as listening to themselves and to each other. These stories were not "messaged" or made by professionals. They are real experiences, of real children who were involved in the system. They are told by themselves and made by themselves. These are their truths.

Florida Youth SHINE developed a toolkit for trainings as well as a DVD. For more information about digital stories or to request them for a training please contact FYS Coordinator, Geori Berman at

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